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        Small bottles of wine: Size is very important
        Published:2013.04.09 News source: Views:
        When it comes to wine stores, restaurants and even online shopping platforms are becoming more common small bottles of wine, the first contact many people may not be on international flights is a five-star hotel room mini bar. Small bottles of champagne at a party once more become a bright spot, however, that is not the most reasonable way of its existence. Today, you drink to understand small bottles of wine? Big bottle of decent vial considerate vial meet at any time improvisation
        In the country, the most common is 750 ml, more common bottles of wine size is 1.5 liters and 3 liters. Big bottle of Luxury Banquet or party often plays the role of the photo props, make wild atmosphere, if it happens to be large bottles of Chateau, it is even more decent, guests can not wait to snuggle with it in front of the camera Hug Kiss some, for the life of a glorious mark.
        Many wineries will launch small bottled wine, size is generally 187 ml and 375 ml. The former general international flights flight meals, if you to the wine-producing countries such as Italy or New Zealand, often on the plane can drink good wine, the size is 187 ml; while the latter is also called "half-sticks costumes, "common in the five-star hotel room, or some good sommelier culture in the western restaurant, in a number of wine stores are often able to find it anyway, this size to people anywhere improvisation a bottle, they do not need to be left to drink half a bottle of frustration.
        Fashion circles once popular small bottle of champagne champagne become a Coke
        A few years ago, the fashion circle once popular small bottles of champagne at a party directly holding a small bottle of champagne to drink with a straw.
        "This allows champagne in the night market to sell large, I do not think any winemaker feel happy when you see someone with a straw to drink their own champagne." Jebsen wine Southern Region vice president Marco say for sure, "not to mention it night market in the country is not popular, "Champagne as a high-quality sparkling wine, more will be down to the slender champagne cup, watching the golden dense bubbles constantly rising, while feeling the champagne in the mouth jumping bloom. Small bottle of champagne as a cola drink with a straw, it is too wasteful.
        The ASC, Dorothy, the Czech Republic and other major domestic wines agents, small bottles of wine in the domestic business, only a small component. Such as the Jebsen the proportion of sales accounted for less than 1%; Even if the 375 ml wine business features Enoteca, only about 11% of the total sales.
        "Small bottles currently not in the domestic market shows growth momentum." Marco felt that the prevalence of small bottles and wines by the glass, will be one of the hallmarks of the wine market to mature and in-depth. For drinkers, small bottles of wine means more freedom to choose their favorite wine, more wine drinkers experience further broad.
        Drink better drink less
        In 750 ml of world domination of the world, a small bottle of wine has been playing the role of Ah-like camouflage servant. On the plane, the hotel minibar or convenience stores, most of the most common small bottles that is tens of dollars of goods, people more or less leave a bad impression that most of the small bottles of wine are bargains.
        Profit margins, 375 ml and 750 ml general market competitiveness. It is said that 375 ml of fine wines really popular, with the economic downturn in Japan are not unrelated. Wine consumption in the Japanese market has reached a certain level of maturity, when less money in the pockets of wine lovers would consider drinking a little less, further, if you are willing to spend the money of more than half of wine, you can drink a bit better.
        Which is in the wine retail chain Enoteca can find the entire surface of 375 ml of wine wall, the species varies from 50 variety, there are some dragon boat, Margaux red booths, Latour as well-known Bordeaux column-level village, and even in Japan can find is designed for small bottles of 375 ml and store. And shop Enoteca Guangzhou, 375 ml in the proportion of sales of nearly 15%, compared to 11% of the country to be high, which is Guangzhou wine connoisseurs known for a fact that reflects the "reality".
        Noteworthy benefits
        375 ml of advantage
        Regardless of the budget or the amount of alcohol, a small branch mounted wine for drinkers said the benefits of a lot, in fact, very worthy of attention.
        Waste relief
        If you can not find the right wine with and open a bottle of wine, drink endless really sad, even if the vacuum preservation, the flavor will be lost in a day or two. Although the two 375 ml wine usually more expensive than a 750 ml wine, but avoid those "invisible loss.
        Extensive wine list
        For example: If this is a dinner for two, you have 1,000 yuan wine budget, you can use it to select a nearly thousand 750 ml of wine, or buy a more expensive than it doubled 375 ml wine, drink less and drink better; if you choose the same grade of 375 ml of wine, you can get two, you can choose one white and one red, let this dinner with change get rich.
        Respect for individuality
        Select a small bottle or cup of the wine sold in the Chinese-style wine Bureau seems there may be too stingy, but AA power of Western culture, this is a fair and manifestation of personality. Cup in Central and Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, some bars varieties up to two or three hundred models sold wine as a selling point. Everyone can use their own prepaid card to buy alcohol at the same table does not need to drink with a wine, we buy, reflect their own personality and taste, but also do not need to pick the right to wine or grab pays the bill face problems trouble.
        Strike first tasting
        In general, small bottles of wine mature speed will be faster than the big bottle, which will become connoisseurs select the vial. For example, a 2005 Latour drink now is not the time, but perhaps a half sticks of maturity will be much better. Professional wine lovers, the size of the bottle will be taken into account, choose to drink the wine of the time.
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